As small family business we are always looking at ways to be greener not just as a business but in our everyday lives as well.

With regards to our business our media and equipment are supplied by companies within the UK with our main supplier actually manufacturing their products in Lancaster, UK. We always try and source all new products from UK based companies and where possible locally to help support the British economy and in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

To aid us with reducing our carbon footprint as of the middle of June 2018 we will be using an energy supplier which supplies 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas. They also buy their energy from independent renewable generators from across the UK.

We recycle and reuse where possible and we are now taking it a step further and looking to go carbon neutral. So to help us becoming carbon neutral we are working with PECT to plant tress in the local area. So for every order we receive we will plant at least one tree.